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Hiking Health – All about Hiking Safety

Hiking is a Safe Outdoor Activity as long as you know what you are doing and do not take your ambitions beyond the boundaries of common sense Safety. Hiking is an outdoor and often mountainous activity so you will be subject to some possibly dangerous circumstances and situations. Knowing how to recognize these circumstances and […]

Hiking Disciplines – Variations on Hiking

Hiking might just be considered as walking for recreational purposes but the terrain and other conditions you choose can dramatically change your walking experience. Once you feel you have mastered the basics of hiking you could specialize into a whole range of Hiking Variations or Hiking Disciplines. Most of the subjects handled on this website […]

Hiking Apparel – All about Outdoor Clothing

Hiking Clothes should keep you Dry, Warm and Comfortably Protected from the Outdoor Weather Conditions, Terrain Conditions and other Hiking Conditions you expect to encounter on your Hike. Just like with Hiking Boots en Hiking Tents and all other Hiking Gear weight and bulk are again serious considerations. Nowadays Hikers can choose from a wide selection of highly technical light weight outdoor […]

How to Improve Your Hiking Technique

Ever wonder why some people seem to be able to hike tirelessly? This article explains how to do just that: hike further, faster, and with greater ease. Look below for more information. 1.Invest in a good pair of hiking boots.  Good boots are critical and sometimes expensive. They don’t have to be expensive boots (though professionally fitted […]

Ten Tips for Safe Hiking: How to Prepare for a Day Hike

Get Ready to Hike Take a hike! That sounds easy enough, even when shouted with a menacing scowl and accompanied by an obscene hand gesture. However, in review of ranger rescue reports across the country, hiking may be more complex than simply “taking” one. All outdoor activities are risky in their nature, however it is […]