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How to Choose Cookware

Backpackers who take short trips or prefer simple, no-fuss menus require only basic cookware—perhaps as little as a cup and a spork. Campers, larger groups and longer journeys usually require more pieces. This article gives you an overview of your outdoor cookware options. Cookset or Individual Pieces? You can buy a complete cookset or cookware […]

How to Choose Crampons

Crampons are a necessity to securely travel on snow and ice. With them, you can cross glaciers, ascend snow slopes, climb frozen waterfalls and scale ice-smeared rock. Because most alpinists and ice climbers today wear leather or synthetic-leather boots (instead of plastic mountaineering boots), semi-rigid construction with horizontal frames are the rule. And, thanks to […]

How to Choose a Backcountry Campsite

Your goal: Be responsible, and treat the backcountry gently. You appreciate arriving at a clean campsite in a wild, beautiful setting, right? Please do your part to make sure those coming after you will enjoy the same experience. Spring Through Fall Know in advance where campsites can be found along the trail. Consult a guidebook or […]

What to Wear Backpacking

Whether you’re going backpacking for two nights over the weekend or two months on the Appalachian Trail, you’ll need basically the same fundamental pieces of clothing for layering, with variations to address the specific weather or environmental conditions you’re likely to encounter. Layers are key. You can stop and remove a layer when you start […]