Monthly Archives: November 2019

Wildfire Safety Tips for Outdoor Recreation

Factors ranging from climate change to years of fire suppression have contributed to a rise in wildfires. (To learn more about the complex reasons behind this increase, and to hear a gripping account of one particularly devastating fire—the 2017 Eagle Creek fire in Oregon—check out the podcast Wildfire.) The bottom line for people recreating outdoors today is […]

How to Hammock Camp

For years, campers and backpackers defaulted to the tent as their overnight shelter. The humble hammock, though, is an alluring alternative—and an increasingly popular one. If you’ve enjoyed relaxing in a hammock, then it might be time to give camping in one a try. In this article, we’ll answer the question, “what is hammock camping,” and […]

Electronics Protection in the Outdoors

Phones, GPS, satellite messengers and radios serve as a lifeline for many outdoor enthusiasts, while music players, cameras and tablets add to the fun. E-Protection Options Protective accessories range from simple to deluxe: Zip-seal food bags: For the cost of a few pennies, a sealable food bag creates an affordable, disposable layer of protection from light […]