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When it comes to getting outside, nothing beats a hiking daytrip. Walking along forested trails or setting out to see a nearby waterfall doesn’t need to be a major undertaking, but to beginner hikers, it might appear deceptively simple (especially with all the hiking pics shared online). Some hikes can be as easy as putting […]


If you’re hiking near Vancouver and see a group of people leave the trail and start digging small holes, that might be me. We’re not searching for buried treasure… we’re learning how to poop in the woods. Yep, you heard that right, I teach people how to poop outdoors – along with how to choose […]

How to Choose Base Layers

If you want to put together the ultimate layering system, then start by focusing on the foundation of that system—your underwear (aka “base layer”). Comfort in the outdoors starts with the layer that touches your skin. You have three key considerations in choosing a base layer: Material matters: Fabric is your most important decision. Whether you […]

Useful Tips Reduce Knee Pains and Injuries

Activities such as hiking, running, and skiing are prone to affect the knees as time passes. A lot of pressure is put on the knees during these activities giving rise to knee pains and injuries. Many people are put off from venturing into running and hiking in Malaysia to ensure their knees are not hurt […]

How to Choose Sleeping Bag Liners

You’ve probably heard of sleeping bags and how they can increase your night’s sleep quality. But you are missing one part of the whole process? You don’t feel your night experience fully comfortable and enjoyable. Sometimes at night, you feel a bit cold. All of these problems come to an end when a sleeping bag liner is […]


Because waking up in your tent shivering in the middle of the night is a miserable experience, the key factor when you choose a sleeping bag is its temperature rating. If you have a reasonable idea of the coldest conditions you anticipate on your adventure, you can pick a bag that will keep you warm […]

How to Choose Sun Protection (UPF) Clothing

One of the great joys of being outdoors is basking in the soft, warm glow of the sun. But like so many of life’s pleasures, it’s best done in moderation. Sunlight includes rays of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and exposure to those rays can lead to sunburn, premature skin aging and skin cancer. Choosing clothing that […]

How to Choose Hiking Boots

Choosing the right hiking boots is a matchmaking process. Your dream hiking boots need to sync with how and where you hike. Before you tie the knot, though, you also have to be sure they’re a perfect fit. Types: You have a dizzying array of choices, from ultralight trail shoes to mountaineering boots. Components: Understanding a little […]