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Hitchhiking Tips for Long Distance Hikers

When thru or section hiking a long-distance trail, backpackers regularly hitch into and out of towns for purposes of resupply and R&R. While there is obviously no surefire formula to hitchhiking success, there are certain tips and techniques that can help improve your odds while making your way to and from the trailhead: 1.   Location, […]

Tips for Hiking in Cold and Wet Weather

A combination of driving rain, high winds, and temperatures just above freezing, represents some of the most challenging weather that a hiker can face. In these conditions, hypothermia and frostbite (if the thermometer subsequently drops below 0°C / 32°F) are a very real possibility. Thankfully, cold-related maladies are far easier to prevent than they are […]

Tips for Hiking Downhill

Hiking downhill is often taken for granted. In the minds of some, it represents the equivalent of “backcountry gravy”; the reward that follows the exertion of a challenging ascent. Yet hiking downhill takes its toll. Twists, slips and tumbles are most likely to happen while descending and no other type of hiking causes more wear and […]

Amboy Crater in Mojave Trails National Monument

Amboy Crater is nestled halfway between Barstow and Needles, just off historic Route 66. It is located near, but not within, Mojave National Preserve. A visit to Amboy Crater will definitely take you back in time. Ten thousand years ago, this cinder cone volcano erupted, transforming the surrounding landscape. A 3-mile round trip trail leads up […]

Alcove Nature Trail in Colorado National Monument

Across the road from the park visitor center (and Canyon Rim Trail) is Alcove Nature Trail. This track is set back from the canyon rim, which limits views of the great landscape. What this trail offers instead is an informative hike with numbered markers that coincide with entries in a guide booklet. The entries describe plants […]

Trekking and Hiking in Montenegro – All You Need to Know

Montenegro is a coastal country in Southeast Europe, on the Adriatic Sea, and is one of the many countries that make up the Balkan Peninsula. This small but fascinating country has some of Europe’s most rugged terrain, with peaks higher than 2500 meters above sea level, a dream for any trekking lover. Trekking in Montenegro […]