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9 hiking tips to help keep you safe during Southern Arizona summers

 Here are 9 tips to help you keep you safe while hiking in Southern Arizona In an emergency, call 911 In the event of an emergency, call 911 or send someone to get help.  Bring the essentials Ten essential items to carry on a hike: Navigation: map, compass, GPS Sun protection: hat, sunscreen, long sleeves […]

Top Ten Hiking Tips From the Woman Who Hiked the AT Faster Than Anyone

1. Test drive your backpack and shoes.The two pieces of gear that can make you the most uncomfortable are your pack and your shoes because they are the two items you feel all day long. Don’t wait until your first extended backpacking trip to try them out. When you purchase a new pair of shoes, […]

14 Signs You are Carrying too Much Stuff in your Backpack

There is no universal blueprint as to how you should backpack. We all have our own motivations, needs and levels of experience. That being said, one thing upon which everyone can agree is that hiking is substantially easier and more enjoyable, if your pack doesn’t weigh the proverbial tonne. Here are 14 telltale signs that […]

Five Tips for Watching Wildlife

“ Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) Scrub Jay | Southwestern Horseshoe | UT, USA, 2012 Viewing wildlife is one of the primary reasons many of us head out into the wilderness. However, with hiking numbers increasing with each passing year, it is more important than ever […]

Hiking Solo or in a Group?

“Never walk alone” is a refrain most commonly heard from Park Rangers, Liverpool football (soccer) fans and Rodgers and Hammerstein aficionados the world over. In so much as it relates to hiking, it can be considered sound advice for beginners and/or experienced hikers venturing into unfamiliar conditions. However, it should not be taken as a universal blueprint. Whether […]

Lightning Safety Tips for Hikers

Monsoon season is just around the corner in the southwestern United States. That means plenty of thunderstorms. However, when it comes to hiking in lightning-prone areas, most problems can be avoided by planning ahead, staying alert to changing weather conditions, and knowing what to do if you are caught in a storm. Prevention Never is […]

Angels Landing in Zion National Park

Angels Landing is the most renowned day hike in Zion National Park, and possibly all of Utah. While only 5.2-mile round trip with 1,500 feet of elevation gain, this trek has all the magnitude of a bucket list caliber hike akin to  Dome in Yosemite. Segments of the perilous trail to Angels Landing are just a few feet wide […]

Top 10 Vietnam Hiking Trails to Be Suggested for Most Wonderful Holidays

1. Sapa Among destinations for best trekking in Vietnam, Sapa is undoubtedly the ideal one. In here, you can find a huge network of trails with the same features. You can group different trails together to build up a perfect combination which is suitable for your hiking level. Moreover, exotic mountain scenery in Sapa, including picturesque […]

Angel Vista via Rosewood Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains

The boldly named Angel Vista is one of the top viewpoints in the Santa Monica Mountains, a coastal range running between Los Angeles and Ventura. Angel Vista soars over Thousand Oaks, presenting panoramic views of the west end of the range, which includes the Boney Mountains, the rocky crown of Santa Monicas. A few trails […]