Monthly Archives: December 2020

How to Care for Your Adventure Dog

The only thing better than hiking in the fall? Hiking through gorgeous autumn foliage with your best friend. Watching a happy, adventurous pup pounce across a stream or bound up a slope with endless energy is truly joyful, and it’s a great way to keep your dog in good shape for a long and healthy […]

Keep Your Fingers and Toes Warm on Winter Hikes

Cold fingers and toes cause quick misery in the backcountry. The key to feeling as warm as possible is keeping your digits toasty. Take care of your hands and feet and you’ll have a much more pleasant winter camping experience. The numbness you feel in your extremities when you get cold results from a lack […]

How to Attach a Sleeping Bag to a Backpack

If you’ve ever been camping or hiking with a backpack, you’d know how easy it is to overpack. After all, items like your sleeping bag can take up a good portion of your backpack. This can be a problem especially if you don’t have room for essential items such as tools, utensils, or food. The […]

Tips for Choosing the Proper Hiking Pants

Few things are more important when hiking than being comfortable. A lot of time is spent debating the ins-and-outs of the perfect hiking shoe, but not nearly enough effort goes into choosing the right pants. Comfort and durability are important for keeping your hiking trip enjoyable for your legs; otherwise, you’ll overheat and tire out […]

Tips for hiking responsibly during the coronavirus pandemic

Getting outdoors can help relieve stress, but experts are offering tips for how to do it responsibly to keep you and other hikers safe while on the trail. The King County Sheriff’s Office is warning hikers due to the coronavirus pandemic the number of search and rescue volunteers could diminish and response time could be […]

Hazards And Risks Of Hiking In The Mountains

Before venturing on any hike, it is necessary not to neglect the risks of hiking in the mountains. You will be out in the wild, exposed to all mighty mother nature and wildlife. Here are a few reminders: Thunder Storms Be aware of weather conditions! Especially in summer, most of the thunderstorms catch hikers off guard. However, […]

Tips for your post-hike recovery

If your legs are tired, you know you’ve had a good day on the trail. But if you’re experiencing sore glutes, tight hammies or muscle fatigue for days on end, it’s time to consider a post-hike recovery routine. Cool down before you sit down While most of us know it’s good to warm up before […]

A movement never lost: ultralight hiking

Don’t try to google UL, this movement probably won’t appear on the top of your results page. A way of life more than a way to get from A to B, Ultralight (UL) hiking attracts only the ardent and the few, but this is changing. Everyone has a strong opinion when it comes to this […]

How to Get in Shape and Train for Hiking

Hiking isn’t just walking in the woods. It requires strength and balance. Here’s how to get ready for trekking, from easy day hikes to the longest thru-hikes in the world. There is no official hiking season. Some places are mild and hike-friendly year-round, but in many parts of the northern hemisphere, the weather and trail […]