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Secrets of the Guides: 10 Tips From Outdoor Pros

1. Get ready faster. The easy way? Don’t unpack. When you finish a weekend trip, leave all the stuff you use for nearly every adventure—stove, sleeping pad, first-aid kit, repair kit—together in your pack. Have an organized rack or bin for each sport: climbing, paddling, etc. That way, you can just add activity-specific items and clothes […]

Say Bye to Stains With These Tips for Cleaning Insulated Bottles

Insulated bottles are great for packing hot drinks in the winter or sipping ice-cold water on scorching summer hikes. If you’re motivated enough, you can even use them to pack in ice cream on scorching summer hikes. (Trust us, we’ve tried.) But you can’t treat double-walled insulated bottles such as Hydro Flasks like your old Nalgene: Throw […]

How to Prevent Chafing While Hiking

Take clothing with seams, add body parts, a shoulder harness and hipbelt attached to a heavy pack, heat, humidity, and what do you have? The ideal recipe for chafing. This irritating red rash caused from rubbing can turn a pleasant hike into a miserable one. Chafing is simply damage to the skin caused by excessive […]

Heat Stroke Kills Hikers. A New First-Aid Technique May Help.

In each of the last five decades, the intensity, duration and frequency of heat waves in the US has increased. Extreme heat will likely take its toll on hikers  this summer as well. For most, the worst symptoms they’ll experience will be swollen feet and ankles, the annoying rash of prickly heat, or even heat exhaustion, […]

The 6 Best Leg Workouts to Get in Hiking Shape

Strong legs make for a strong hiker and, let’s face it, a more fun time: It’s easier to focus on the scenery, the wildlife, and your hiking partners when you can think about anything other than how badly your legs are screaming. These six lower-body-focused workouts will help you go further, faster, and pain-free. Mix […]

What Hiking in One of the World’s Harshest Deserts Taught Me About Surviving Heat

It was the heart of summer in the Namibian desert. There had been no rain on Brandberg Mountain for more than two years, so we each carried three gallons—24 pounds—of water. This sloshing liquid, combined with a week’s worth of food and camping supplies, made our packs crushingly heavy. And still, this was only enough water for two […]

Start Cowboy Camping With These 4 Tips

There’s sleeping outside, and then there’s sleeping outside. Cowboy camping—sleeping out without a tent, tarp, bivy, or any other protection beyond your bag—lets you really commune with the wilderness, leave gear at home, and see some of the best stars of your life. In our members-only section, former Backpacker editor and guide Dennis Lewon shares a story […]

Deadly hiking: All the things not to do

There’s plenty of information on how to have a safe and enjoyable hike. Phoenix has an in-depth “Take a Hike. Do It Right.” list of guidelines, a great resource for safe hiking. There’s also much to learn from hiking don’ts. These mistakes can cause serious harm, potentially even death. It’s good to know the biggest mistakes a hiker can make […]