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Top Ten Hiking Tips From the Woman Who Hiked the AT Faster Than Anyone

Here’s how to be smart, feel safe, and get the most out of your hike. 1. Test drive your backpack and shoes.The two pieces of gear that can make you the most uncomfortable are your pack and your shoes because they are the two items you feel all day long. Don’t wait until your first […]

How To Stretch Your Sleeping Bag’s Temperature Rating

What steps can I take to make a 28°F sleeping bag stretch into colder temps than it is designed for? Looking like low 20s is a possibility! —Josh, San Diego, CA Without good sleep, it’s impossible have a good hike—and without staying warm enough, it’s impossible to get good sleep. Unfortunately, building up a quiver […]

Is Night Hiking Legal? Read This First!

If you’ve ever been out camping or hiking on a mountain at night you know how unique and special of a feeling it is. A friend of mine was interested in planning a hike after dusk and was wondering if there are any legal ramifications against it. Is night hiking legal? For most states and locations, […]

Maine Winter Hiking: 7 Trails & Hikes To Explore

If you’re ready for a new adventure, consider heading out to try the best winter hikes in Maine. Winter hiking is very different, but I promise the different scenery and less populated trails make it well worth it! Camden Hills State Park Camden Hills State Park is one of the best and largest networks of hikes in […]

How To Keep Drinks Cold In A Backpack – 5 Helpful Tips

There’s no better feeling than having a nice refreshing drink after completing a nice adventurous hike. Since hiking is a pretty lightweight activity, there’s a common problem of figuring out how to keep drinks cold without a fridge or cooler. After hiking for a couple of hours, when you take that first break it’s the perfect time to sit […]

How to Care for Your Backpacking Gear

Don’t poison your gear. In the field: Be careful with DEET-based bug repellent, which melts plastics, including membranes, and can damage synthetics and other fabrics. At home: Avoid fabric softener. It coats fibers with waxy chemicals, which clog membranes and damage moisture-wicking properties. Treat yourself. Your shell’s DWR (durable water repellent) treatment will deteriorate over time. […]

How to Fit, Buy, and Repair Hiking Boots and Shoes

It doesn’t matter how fit or experienced you are: If your feet hurt, you’re going to have a miserable hike. The good news: With hundreds of models of hiking boots and shoes on the market, your perfect pair is waiting for you. The bad news: there are also thousands of pairs of shoes that won’t […]