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How to Find the Perfect Hiking Partner

Sometimes the best part of hiking is the person you share the trail with. Cheesy? Maybe that’s because we have great hiking partners who encourage us to hike to higher summits and enjoy the best of what nature offers. But finding your ideal hiking partner takes a little trial-and-error. Whether you’re recruiting old friends to lace […]

Avoid These 10 Beginner Hiker Blunders for a Better First Day Out

Careless hikers are more likely to tumble off a cliff, poke a diamondback rattler, and otherwise get themselves in trouble’s way. And frankly, our nation needs more outdoorsy people, not less. So Backpacker asked me, to answer all of your camping, hiking, cooking, training, you-name-it questions. I’m no gonzo, Everest-scaling, bear-wrestling hardman, but I’ve hiked […]

How to Pack a Backpack for a Hiking Trip

Backpacks have come a long way since the 70’s, when hikers swore by (and at) bulky external frames and nifty side pockets were few and far between. Nowadays, there’s any number of high-tech packs that help you lug more gear longer, and farther, than ever before. But it’s still critical that you know how to pack a backpack […]

Choosing And Layering Socks

Team the right socks for your footwear Most people understand that appropriate footwear is essential for a successful outdoor experience. While choosing the right boot/shoe is carefully considered, the need for suitable socks is quite often overlooked. Footwear will only show peak performance when teamed up with the right socks. A well-fitting sock system will […]

Hiking Poles

The Benefits International research* over the last ten years has confirmed that the health and fitness benefits of hiking are substantially increased by the skilled use of trekking or hiking poles. *Verified by more than 400 studies from universities, institutes of sport and various medical/health research establishments in Europe and the USA. Informed health professionals and government […]

Caring For Your Sleeping Bag

With proper care of your sleeping bag you can improve the life of your bag and the warmth in colder conditions. Tips: Use a sleeping bag liner inside your bag, this will protect the down from perspiration, grime and body oils which can inhibit the lofting ability of your down. Sleep in clean clothes. Air your sleeping […]

Use hiking poles

Use hiking poles, even on shorter hikes. None of the most experienced and hard-core hikers and backpackers I know ever hike without poles, period. Trekking poles significantly reduce the impact and cumulative fatigue on leg muscles and joints and your lower back, whether going up or down, especially when you’re carrying a load on your […]