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8 Makeup Tips for Hiking and Other Outdoor Activities

Hey, everyone! I know this is a really debatable topic but for this post today, I wanted to talk about what kind of makeup to wear for an outdoor trek, camping and other such activities. Being an outdoorsy girl, or should I say a girl who is into stuff that defines adrenaline rush, I have […]

How to Hike in Tick Country

Disgusting. Creepy. Disease-ridden. Nuisance. There is no end to the negative feelings we have about ticks. However, with a bit of awareness, preparation and vigilance, hiking in Washington’s tick country can be incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. Take preventative measures against ticks and you won’t have to be unpleasantly surprised by these little pests at the end of […]

Selecting the Best Hiking Clothes

If you’re gearing up to head out on a hike, you certainly want to make sure you have all the right equipment, such as the proper backpack, maps, and other gear—but if you don’t also wear the right clothes, your trip will quickly become an uncomfortable experience. Wearing the right hiking clothes means knowing the […]


In the previous two installments of our “Hiking Essentials” series, we discussed what to bring with you on a day hike, along with tips for staying safe on the trail. In this third installment, we’re going to talk about what to wear on a hike. Below, I discuss what to wear when hiking, along with some tips based on […]


Getting out into the great outdoors and going for a hike can be an incredible experience. There’s the fresh air, the endorphins from exercise, and all those fantastic views providing the perfect Instagram backdrop. But, finding the ideal outfit to wear hiking can be a challenge. After all, striking the right balance between fashion and […]

Wildlife Safety Tips

Viewing wildlife is one reason many people head outside. Seeing a large bird soaring overhead or a herd of bison grazing in a distant meadow can turn a simple outing into an adventure you’ll never forget. But, up-close encounters, while certainly memorable, can be bothersome (think small mouse stealing food from your pack) or even […]

How to Cross a Raging River Safely in the Backcountry

“OK, if you insist,” the ranger at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks’ backcountry office said skeptically as he handed over our permit. “Just remember: The trail crosses several creeks, and they’re going to be running higher than normal because of the rain.” He meant this as a warning, but when all that stands between you and […]

Avoid These 10 Beginner Hiker Blunders for a Better First Day Out

Careless hikers are more likely to tumble off a cliff, poke a diamondback rattler, and otherwise get themselves in trouble’s way. And frankly, our nation needs more outdoorsy people, not less. So Backpacker asked me, the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Backpacking and Hiking, to answer all of your camping, hiking, cooking, training, you-name-it […]

Why You Should Use Trekking Poles

Confession time: Until a couple months ago, I rarely used trekking poles. Even on trails where I probably would have benefitted from them. I always knew that poles could reduce strain on the knees and keep you balanced on steep sections, but being a marathon runner and lifelong hiker, I always figured I had the strength […]

How To Mentally Prepare For a Thru-Hike: Tips, Tricks and Advice

To mentally prepare for a thru-hike is no small feat. A thru hike is an end-to-end affair over a very (very, very, very) long distance, and it normally takes months to complete such a thing. In the United States there are three famous monsters, collectively known as the Triple Crown to the legends that have […]