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Planning for a solo hike

Now onto more practical things. When it comes to planning your solo hike, you should be thorough when it comes to picking a trail and understanding what it entails and the conditions you’ll encounter. This will then inform much of your other preparation.  Pick an easier or popular trail If you’ve never hiked alone before, […]

Food planning tips for hiking

There are some really important things you need to consider when organising your food for a hiking trip. Depending on whether it’s just a long day hike or a multiday adventure, here are some of the key considerations you need to think about when planning your food. Focus on energy dense and nutrient rich food […]

Necessities for a day hike packing list

As well as the 10 essentials for hiking, there are also a number of other hiking necessities that you’ll want to take with you for your day hike.  1. Day pack Obviously, a day pack is an essential item on a day hike packing list. You will need a way to carry everything that you […]

10 essentials for hiking

The 10 essentials for hiking were developed by The Mountaineers, a group of US-based climbers, in the 1930s. It was established to ensure that everyone was adequately prepared for emergencies out on the trail. It has since been adapted and become a worldwide standard for packing for backcountry adventures. Here’s a look at the 10 […]

Which Hydration Pack Is Right for Your Hiking Adventures?

Water hydration packs can help make your hiking excursion simpler and more comfortable by making hydration easy. Water packs allow you to drink on the move, eliminating the need to stop just to dig out water bottles from your pack. There are many styles to choose from, and it’s important to make the right purchase […]

Hiking Socks—How To Find The Best Socks For Hiking

Taking care of your feet while on the trail starts with cushioning and protecting them with proper socks. Your trail shoes should work in tandem with your hiking socks to offer support and comfort without friction. Finding the best socks for hiking begins by thinking about what shoes you’ll wear. TRAIL RUNNING SHOES If you have […]

Hiking Boots: Choosing the Right Shoe

Choosing the right hiking boots or hiking shoes is one of the most important parts of setting off on a grand hiking adventure. Having a shoe with the proper function, fit and features will vastly improve your experience while trekking through tough terrain. WHAT ARE THE QUALITIES YOU NEED IN THIS BOOT OR SHOE? Ask […]

Layering for Winter Hikes: How to Dress for Warmth on the Trail

As the old Scandanavian saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” Sure, the air outside is feeling frosty and the hot cocoa is calling your name, but if you know how to layer clothes correctly, you can withstand some of the worst conditions winter has to offer. You should be dressing […]

This Is Why Your Feet Hurt on the Trail—and How to Fix It

Ask any hiker, and they’ll tell you about having sore and painful feet during at least one adventure. Occasional foot soreness isn’t unexpected, but when the pain lingers long after the hike ends, it’s time to investigate the cause. There are numerous causes of foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis and stress fractures, but one commonly overlooked issue for […]

What to Wear For Your First Dayhike

Hitting the trail for the first time? Time for a ‘fit check. Fashion might not be very important while hiking, but what you wear can make the difference between a fun time and a miserable one. However, that doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for your first hike—in fact, […]