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Hiking Boots and Shoes: How to Buy, Fit, and Repair Them

It doesn’t matter how fit or experienced you are: If your feet hurt, you’re going to have a miserable hike. The good news: With hundreds of models of hiking boots and shoes on the market, your perfect pair is waiting for you. The bad news: there are also thousands of pairs of shoes that won’t […]

How to Prevent Chafing While Hiking

Take clothing with seams, add body parts, a shoulder harness and hipbelt attached to a heavy pack, heat, humidity, and what do you have? The ideal recipe for chafing. This irritating red rash caused from rubbing can turn a pleasant hike into a miserable one. Chafing is simply damage to the skin caused by excessive […]

How to Tie Hiking Boots and Avoid Injuries

It’s easy to overlook the lacing on your hiking boots: Many of us just tighten them up, double knot, and hit the trail. But a number of common boot lacing techniques can keep your feet snug for long stretches and prevent blisters and other injuries. The most common boot lacing technique—crisscrossing, lacing up the hooks on your boot, […]

How to Prepare Your Mind for Your First Solo Backpacking Trip

Many of the most impactful moments in my life have come when I’ve chosen to let go and embark on a journey on my own. Pedaling my bike for the first time without my father’s hands on my shoulders. Getting the car keys to hit the open road without someone backseat driving. Waving goodbye to my […]

15 Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us Before Our First Overnight Hike

This may come as a surprise to you, but Backpacker’s editors weren’t always authorities on all things hiking. In fact, we were beginners once, too, and made our fair share of newb mistakes. Here’s everything we wish we knew before hitting the trail for the first time, so you can embark on your inaugural overnight wiser […]

10 Handy Gear Tips We Learned the Hard Way

When you’re new to backpacking, buying the gear you need is one thing, but learning how to use it can be downright daunting.  That’s why we’re giving you a cheat code: We asked our editors and gear test captains for the advice that they wish someone had given them when they were just getting started. Internalize these […]

The Ultimate Dayhiking Checklist

Dayhiking is one of the simplest and most liberating ways to immerse yourself in nature: You can rack up wilderness solitude, views, and exercise without carrying a heavy pack or planning for an overnight. But while many hikers bring nothing more than a water bottle, boots, and snacks, it’s best to come prepared for any […]

The Definitive Guide to Layering for Cold-Weather Adventures

It’s cliché yet we’ve all heard it: There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. And while that expression feels trite and overcooked, it especially rings true for outdoor families during cold-weather months. We know it’s often easier to look at the plunging mercury and opt to stay indoors, but we’re here […]

Hike Farther, Feel Better: Thru-Hiker Tips for Hydration

A dialed-in hydration strategy can make a huge difference in the success of a long hike—a fact many backpackers tend to undervalue.  “I think a lot of people don’t see backpacking as needing a high level of fitness, but when you’re hiking 10 to 25 miles per day, that’s a really high output activity—and that’s […]

Backpacks: An Owner’s Manual

The Pack Expert Kevin Rosenberg started peddling gear on the sidewalks of Brooklyn in 2009 and eventually grew his business, Gear to Go Outfitters, into a rental, guiding, and retail company, which is now based in Buchanan, New York. He’s a self-proclaimed pack geek known to stop people on the trail to offer fit and adjustment […]