7 Tips for Choosing Running Shoes that Appropriate and Comfortable

Running shoes are the most important sports equipment for running or jogging. Various running shoes are even easier to get because there are multiple brands of running shoes that you can get, ranging from Adidas, Nike, Puma, Asics, New Balance, to Specs. Each brand also has various variants of running shoes with different specifications.

Many brands and variants will undoubtedly make you confused about choosing the best running shoes. Choosing shoes will be more difficult if you have never bought shoes. So as not to be confused, it helps you pay attention to some things that must be considered before buying shoes.

Before choosing the best running shoes, you should choose the most comfortable for your feet. Comfort can be obtained from the selection of the right shoe size. Here are tips for choosing running shoes.

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✔ Choose soft upper shoes

This part is also important to protect your feet when running. Running shoes with a soft upper section will make feet more comfortable and avoid blisters. You will be more comfortable running long distances.

✔ Using the technique of adding a thumb

It’s best not to buy running shoes with your actual foot size. You can use the one thumb technique in front of the toe in the shoe. This can measure running shoes that are too small or too big. Running shoes that are large and just the right size will make you run more optimally.

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✔ Look at shoes from above to know the benefits of shoes

Only by looking at the top, you can know what strengths are carried by the running shoes you wear. If the sole of the shoe is wider than the top, the running shoe has good stability. Whereas, the feet of money shoes do not widen to indicate tough running shoes for running over long distances.

✔ The essential part of the heel

Always check the heel of the shoe if you want to choose the best running shoes. The sturdy heel will make the ankle more stable. Preferably, there are not many cavities in this section so as not to make the legs shift when running.

✔ The size of each manufacturer is different

You already know that there are many brands of running shoes. Most of these brands do have their standards for the shoe size. Not necessarily, you can use Adidas or Nike running shoes of the same size. Also, Specs running shoes, which are domestic producers have their size.

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✔  Try with socks

Socks will make the foot size bigger. If you buy shoes with the right size of the foot, it will make the shoes too small. So, it’s good to try to use socks. Not to dominate trademarks. However, it’s good to buy socks that are one brand with his shoes.

✔ Try shoes in the afternoon

The size of human feet can change, you know. Usually, the human body will shrink in the morning, including your feet. So, it would be best if you did not try new shoes in the morning. You might be too big. Try to buy running shoes in the afternoon because your feet are at their actual size.


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