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Backpacking Tips for Women

Women make awesome backpackers because we’re well-equipped biologically and physically: We’re built for endurance, have high pain tolerance, store fat better than men, are stronger in the hips (which is great for carrying packs), and are more in tune with our bodies so we know when to rest. And, women excel at creating community on […]

How to Choose a Backpack

Backpack Capacity Backpack Features Backpack Fit Planning to buy a new pack for the backcountry? There are three main areas where you’ll need to make choices: Backpack capacity: The size pack you’ll need is tied to the length of your trip and how much weight and bulk you want to carry. Backpack features: These are the refinements […]

Backpacking for Beginners

Backpacking is an adventure that blends hiking with backcountry camping. It lets you broaden your horizons beyond the car campground to enjoy a richer, more immersive outdoor experience. A key distinction from day hiking is the size of your pack—your backpack (and you) must carry all of life’s essentials on your back. And you must choose those essentials […]

Your All-in-One Trekking Guide to Vietnam

Hiking has been a popular activity worldwide for a long time, but in Vietnam, hiking has recently risen in popularity about ten years ago thanks to Vietnamese nature lovers and adventure seekers. According to many people, Vietnam is a lucky country with its climate especially suitable for those who want to sightsee and enhance their […]

The 10 Best Hiking Trails in North Vietnam

To all adventure lovers out there, specifically the ones who enjoy walking a country’s trails, Northern Vietnam is known for being rugged, beautiful and full of off-the-beaten-track charm. Here is our top 10 hiking trails in Northern Vietnam. 1. Ba Be National ParkDesignated ‘national park’ in 1992, Ba Be does not disappoint. Located about 200km in the […]

Trekking and Hiking in Montenegro – All You Need to Know

Montenegro is a coastal country in Southeast Europe, on the Adriatic Sea, and is one of the many countries that make up the Balkan Peninsula. This small but fascinating country has some of Europe’s most rugged terrain, with peaks higher than 2500 meters above sea level, a dream for any trekking lover. Trekking in Montenegro […]

Wanderlust USA: The Great American Hike

As with its predecessors – Wanderlust: Hiking on Legendary Trails and The Hidden tracks – Wanderlust USA takes readers on a visual journey through some of the earth’s most unique and spectacular landscapes. The memorable images are accompanied by texts and information boxes, that highlight not only the natural wonders but also the cultural and historical elements that distinguish each of […]