Best Shoes for Cycling

With cycling becoming such a popular way to stay healthy and get outside, more people are now dusting off their tyres and strapping into their best cycling shoes.

If you’re planning on tackling the pedals, you’ll need the right footwear to see you through. We’ve put together an expert list of the best budget cycling shoes so you can take to the open road.

Best cycling shoes for men

Our selection of men’s footwear features plenty of trainers and walking style shoes that work well for general cycling excursions.

Below are some of our suggested buys for your perfect cycling pair:

Hi-Tec Lace Up Walking Shoe

Hi-Tec Mens Charcoal Lace Up Walking Shoe

Perfectly designed to provide momentum, these men’s Hi-Tec lace up shoes are sturdy yet flexible, making them one of the better choices of shoes for cycling. The lace fastenings keep you safe from any loose laces catching around your bike chain, while the grip of the outsole helps keep your feet in place on the pedal. They’re also refreshingly breathable, keeping your feet cool on speedy cycling trips.

Skechers Summits Speed Lace Trainers

Skechers Summits Louvin Mens Black Trainer

Skechers Summits are among our best shoes for cycling for men, thanks to their cushioned insoles. The breathability and flexibility of the trainers allow the wearer to make the most of these shoes for gentle exercise. You’ll feel the benefit of the speed laces for quick and easy fastening, to keep your trainers secure on your feet.

Best cycling shoes for women

Whether you’re tackling cycling trails or using your bike to get into work every morning, we have an extensive selection of shoes perfect for cycling for women.

Osaga Benetar Lace Up Trainer

Osaga Benetar Womens Black Lace Up Trainer

The Osaga Benetar trainers are the best budget shoes for women using their bike to get from A to B. Featuring a black mesh upper, they’re incredibly versatile, and are easy to slip on before you take to the road. The memory foam insole will keep your feet comfortable and protected on most bike rides.

Earth Spirit Newton Shoes

Earth Spirit Newton Womens Dark Brown Shoe

These stylish brown Earth Spirit Newton casual shoes are the perfect commuter-friendly shoe. With a relaxed look and versatile style, these women’s shoes go well with a simple pair of jeans and can be easily slipped out of for something more formal when you reach the office. They’re also breathable, making them incredibly comfortable to wear.

Best cycling shoes for beginners

For those just starting out, the best shoes for cycling in are those which are comfortable and supportive yet simple.

Here’s what we’ve got to keep you safe on the pedals:

SPROX Lace Up Casual Shoe

SPROX Mens Camel Lace Up Casual Shoe

If you’re just trying cycling for the first time, the best shoes for cycling for beginners are these classic trainers that look as good worn for other activities as they do when you’re out on your bike. The SPROX lace up is a casual option that can be used for gentle exercise or to style up an outfit. They go perfectly with jeans for everyday wear, but are also comfortable and durable enough to get you started with cycling.

Wrangler Java Canvas Shoes

Wrangler Java Womens Navy Canvas Shoes

Another versatile pair, the Wrangler Java canvas shoes have a chunky yet cushioned sole to keep you on your feet (or pedals) all day. The classic navy colour makes them easy to pair with almost any outfit, and the subtle animal print padded collar supporting the ankle adds an extra touch of style. A simple yet useful pair, these trainers will easily get you from one destination to the next when you first hop on your bike.

Best road cycling shoes

If you’re taking to the more adventurous cycling roads, you’re probably advancing above beginner status. That means you need to upgrade your footwear to something light, breathable, waterproof, and with a hard sole.

Here’s some of our top recommendations for the best road cycling shoes:

Cotswold Stowell Low Shoe

Cotswold Mens Stowell Low Hiking Shoe in Brown

If you’re ready to take your pair of wheels on some of the more strenuous roads, you’ll need a pair of shoes that will keep up with you on the way. The best shoes for road cycling are lightweight with stiff soles to make pedalling more efficient, like the Cotswold Stowell shoes. As well as trail walking, these shoes will keep your feet protected when cycling without weighing you down.

Cotswold Abbeydale Low Shoes

Cotswold Womens Abbeydale Low Hiker in Grey

As well as needing to be lightweight and sturdy, shoes for cycling should also be breathable and, ideally, waterproof. The Cotswold Abbeydale hiking shoes will see you as well on the roads as they do on the trail, keeping your feet fresh with breathable technology. They also feature a waterproof membrane, meaning you’ll stay dry even on the wettest rides.

Looking for more? We’ve got plenty of information on the best footwear choices for every occasion on our blog, and even more styles across the wider Hikingprostore collection.


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