Selecting the Best Hiking Clothes: 6 Recommendations

If you’re gearing up to head out on a hike, you certainly want to make sure you have all the right equipment, such as the proper backpack, maps, and other gear—but if you don’t also wear the right clothes, your trip will quickly become an uncomfortable experience. Wearing the right hiking clothes means knowing the […]

What is Scrambling in Hiking

Scrambling is often perceived as steep walking although it is more like rock climbing minus experience or technical equipment. It is clustered in different grades depending on the difficulty of a climb. Just like any other form of hiking, scrambling is a great way to loosen up and have an awesome time in the jungle. […]

11 Best Hiking Safety Tips Bears

Behold! That peak season where we all pack up to go hiking in amazing places! These few lines of hiking safety tips bears will save you from a disastrous encounter with bears. We all love hiking, who doesn’t! Yes, it is all thrilling and fascinating especially in the months of July and August. You go hiking […]

Solo Hiking Tips

Solo Hiking Suggestions: The Best Way To Stay Safe On Any Trail These solo hiking advice will give you the info you must realize the happiness of solo hiking and backpacking. Hiking alone is an excellent chance for introspection and personal growth during your alone time on a trail. Going at your own pace, planning […]

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather

Hiking during summer can be fascinating. Many tend to shun hiking activities during summer since they are scared of the heat. But this should not be the case. Extreme high temperature experienced during winter can be manageable while hiking. The secret is simple: the right choice of dressing plus proper hydration. This article will focus on […]

Best Multi-Tools for Backpacking

Even the most seasoned outdoor enthusiasts think twice before venturing into the jungle without a great multi-tool. Its ability to perform different functions in a convenient manner makes it a must-have in the backcountry. Indeed, hiking can never go wrong with the best multi-tools for backpacking.  Whether you need to fix a broken zipper or […]

Should I Buy Boots or Shoes for Hiking

Choosing the right footwear for hiking has created a serious paradox of choice between most hikers. Blisters, sore soles, hot spots, and twisted ankles are some of the problems you will definitely come across to when you are wearing the wrong hiking footwear. Of course. the decision of whether to buy boots or shoes for […]

How do you prevent ticks when hiking?

The following are comprehensive tips on how to keep off ticks while hiking: 1. Treat your gear and clothing 2. Use tick repellent spray 3. Dress accordingly 4. Stick to light-colored or plain fabric 5. Take extra caution during early summer and spring 6. Beware of tick-infested trails 7. Avoid grass and thick bushes 8. […]

How to Choose Flashlights

Although headlamps have surged in popularity, flashlights remain a good choice whenever a handheld light is preferred, such as: any time you want the strongest portable beam available. when dexterity and precision in controlling the light is important. being able to set down a light to work on a task. signaling. Advances in LED (light-emitting […]