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Your Essential Winter Hiking Checklist

Hiking isn’t just for warm weather. Especially in the Hudson Valley, where vistas are treasures and well-protected forests can feel like untouched wonderlands, winter hiking is worthwhile. “The sky is so blue, the leaves are off the trees, the views can be more pronounced, the environment in general is a lot more simplified,” says Rich […]

Winter Day-Hiking Gear List: Are You Prepared?

Even though it says November in our calendars, winter is here in the Adirondack High Peaks. Packing for winter hikes is more involved than preparing for summer excursions. Conditions vary greatly, so being prepared for a host of situations is key to staying safe and comfortable in the backcountry. The big question that I always […]


Hiking is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend free time. A little bit of exercise coupled with the great outdoors is a winning recipe. With so many options for hiking equipment, it can be difficult to know where to begin. To help simplify the process and get you out on the trail sooner, […]


Borrow Gear The cheapest way to get gear is… for free. If you’ve got a a friend with extra gear, see if they’ll let you borrow it. If you join a hiking club in your community or at a university, they also might have gear you can borrow. I did lots of my first backpacking […]


Choose the Right Trail A rainy day walk in Vancouver’s North Shore mountains. On rainy days there’s no point in hiking for hours to a summit if you won’t see the view. Forest hikes, riverside trails or trips to lakes are great on wet days and waterfalls can be especially spectacular. Pick a shorter hike, […]


If you’ve been shopping for hiking or backpacking gear recently, you may have noticed some women’s specific gear. I’m not talking about clothing or shoes (obviously we need those)… I’m talking about backpacks, sleeping bags and more. Often this stuff seems to follow the same tired formula: “Shrink it and pink it”. Brands make the […]

9 Tips to Get Your Feet Ready for Hiking Season

It’s hiking season for those of us in Idaho who love the great outdoors. But, apart from swarms of mosquitoes or an encounter with Bigfoot, nothing can ruin a hike or backpacking trip like sore, blistered feet. Slowly hobbling down the trail will make a long, miserable trip, and increase your risk of a more […]

Winter Hiking How-To Guide: Pro Tips

Hiking in the winter takes a bit more know-how and gear prep, but it can quickly become a rewarding activity. With these winter hiking tips, getting out to the trails will be a safe, easy, and enjoyable activity no matter the time of year or amount of snow. Winter Hiking Tips Check the Weather Before You […]

Keep Your Fingers and Toes Warm on Winter Hikes

Cold fingers and toes cause quick misery in the backcountry. The key to feeling as warm as possible is keeping your digits toasty. Take care of your hands and feet and you’ll have a much more pleasant winter camping experience. The numbness you feel in your extremities when you get cold results from a lack […]

Top tips for hiking in wet weather

If you only go hiking when there’s zero chance of rain, you’re going to miss out on some pretty magical and mud-luscious adventures. So rather than shying away from some mud, embrace hiking in wet weather and all the benefits that it brings.  Here are some simple tips to help you stay dry, comfy, safe […]