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Selecting the Best Hiking Clothes

If you’re gearing up to head out on a hike, you certainly want to make sure you have all the right equipment, such as the proper backpack, maps, and other gear—but if you don’t also wear the right clothes, your trip will quickly become an uncomfortable experience. Wearing the right hiking clothes means knowing the […]


Getting out into the great outdoors and going for a hike can be an incredible experience. There’s the fresh air, the endorphins from exercise, and all those fantastic views providing the perfect Instagram backdrop. But, finding the ideal outfit to wear hiking can be a challenge. After all, striking the right balance between fashion and […]

Hiking in Leggings – How to Pick the Best Hiking Tights

If you are one of those girls that live in their yoga pants, then you already know and appreciate the level of comfort that leggings offer. It’d hard to think of a physical activity where leggings aren’t the superior clothing choice, and they seem to have become a common piece of a hiking apparel. One […]

Can You Hike With Jeans? Sure! (But See Why I Don’t Anymore)

When you get into any outdoors activity, sometimes it’s difficult to find answers that make sense for your situation. I used to hike with jeans, but now I don’t… does that mean it’s not okay to hike with jeans? You can hike successfully in jeans and many people do. Jeans are often thick and durable […]

How Beginners Can Cut Pack Weight, Not Comfort

When I went on my first backpacking trip at age 11 in California’s Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, I made just about every rookie mistake possible when it comes to pack weight. Because I was in charge of my own packing list, I brought heavy pajamas, a sweatshirt, too much food, and for some reason, a stuffed animal. […]

Choosing And Layering Socks

Team the right socks for your footwear Most people understand that appropriate footwear is essential for a successful outdoor experience. While choosing the right boot/shoe is carefully considered, the need for suitable socks is quite often overlooked. Footwear will only show peak performance when teamed up with the right socks. A well-fitting sock system will […]

The Right Clothing for Hiking in Australia

The right clothing for hiking ensures you enjoy hiking in both comfort and safety. Your clothing is important as it is your first line of protection from the cold, the wind, rain, sun, insects, snakes and the scrub. A number of light, adjustable layers is preferable to a few layers of thick fabric. Adjust zippers and layers to […]

How to Break In Your New Hiking Boots

Unboxing a brand new pair of boots is thrilling. Imagine all the adventures you’ll have together! It’s tempting to throw them on and hit the trail right away, but don’t. Hiking in fresh kicks before they’re broken in can lead to blisters, hotspots, and an overall bad time. Here’s how to get your shoes ready for […]

Secrets of the Guides: 10 Tips From Outdoor Pros

1. Get ready faster. The easy way? Don’t unpack. When you finish a weekend trip, leave all the stuff you use for nearly every adventure—stove, sleeping pad, first-aid kit, repair kit—together in your pack. Have an organized rack or bin for each sport: climbing, paddling, etc. That way, you can just add activity-specific items and clothes […]

How to Prevent Chafing While Hiking

Take clothing with seams, add body parts, a shoulder harness and hipbelt attached to a heavy pack, heat, humidity, and what do you have? The ideal recipe for chafing. This irritating red rash caused from rubbing can turn a pleasant hike into a miserable one. Chafing is simply damage to the skin caused by excessive […]