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The 10 essentials every hiker should carry

What you carry in your backpack could save your life. That’s the thinking behind the 10 Essentials, an ever-evolving list of items created by the mountaineering community to keep you safe when the unexpected happens. “These items are necessary — essential — to be able to respond to an emergency and/or to safely get you through an […]

How often should you hike? Beginners to advanced hikers

Hiking is one of those activities that I’ve always enjoyed and I live 20 minutes from the mountains so it’s something I could do, if I wanted to, every single day. That being said, there is a recommended frequency for hiking. Though you can work up to hiking daily, beginners should start with 1 or […]

7 Tips to Make Your First Hike Successful

We are Carlos and Grace Luna. We didn’t grow up hiking or camping. We come from Mexican families who worked very hard to provide for us but didn’t think about the outdoors. We were both fortunate enough to get an introduction to the national parks a few years ago, which fostered our love of getting […]

Altitude Sickness While Hiking: Symptoms and Treatment

For hikers who aspire to reach the tallest peaks, or even for those hiking at relatively moderate elevations they’re unaccustomed to, altitude sickness is a real concern. Caused by a lack of oxygen at higher altitudes, altitude sickness can bring on headaches, trouble sleeping and other mild to severe symptoms. Luckily, several treatments are available […]