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Women’s Hiking Boot Guide

In this women’s hiking boot guide we explain exactly what to look for in a good hiking boot and how to avoid blisters on your next hike. As proven by the person who slid 500ft down an ice path on a mountain in their Nikes, hiking boots are essential for outdoor, wilderness activities. Whether you’re […]

How to Fit, Buy, and Repair Hiking Boots and Shoes

It doesn’t matter how fit or experienced you are: If your feet hurt, you’re going to have a miserable hike. The good news: With hundreds of models of hiking boots and shoes on the market, your perfect pair is waiting for you. The bad news: there are also thousands of pairs of shoes that won’t […]

7 Tips for Choosing Running Shoes that Appropriate and Comfortable

Running shoes are the most important sports equipment for running or jogging. Various running shoes are even easier to get because there are multiple brands of running shoes that you can get, ranging from Adidas, Nike, Puma, Asics, New Balance, to Specs. Each brand also has various variants of running shoes with different specifications. Many […]