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Choosing the right pair of hiking boots is one of the most critical gear purchases you’ll make, whether for everyday adventures or extended backpacking trips. To make matters harder, the perfect pair of hiking boots for one person might be the entirely wrong pair for another hiker. There’s nothing worse than a great hiking outing ruined by […]

How to wear hiking boots?

Before you hit the ground running on your next adventure, you need the best hiking boots out there. But, how do you know what to wear with your new pair of boots on any given day? The average temperatures in the United States can fluctuate rapidly by state.  If you’re hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in […]

Women’s Hiking Boot Guide

In this women’s hiking boot guide we explain exactly what to look for in a good hiking boot and how to avoid blisters on your next hike. As proven by the person who slid 500ft down an ice path on a mountain in their Nikes, hiking boots are essential for outdoor, wilderness activities. Whether you’re […]

Hiking Boots and Shoes: How to Buy, Fit, and Repair Them

It doesn’t matter how fit or experienced you are: If your feet hurt, you’re going to have a miserable hike. The good news: With hundreds of models of hiking boots and shoes on the market, your perfect pair is waiting for you. The bad news: there are also thousands of pairs of shoes that won’t […]

How to Tie Hiking Boots and Avoid Injuries

It’s easy to overlook the lacing on your hiking boots: Many of us just tighten them up, double knot, and hit the trail. But a number of common boot lacing techniques can keep your feet snug for long stretches and prevent blisters and other injuries. The most common boot lacing technique—crisscrossing, lacing up the hooks on your boot, […]

Hiking Boots: Choosing the Right Shoe

Choosing the right hiking boots or hiking shoes is one of the most important parts of setting off on a grand hiking adventure. Having a shoe with the proper function, fit and features will vastly improve your experience while trekking through tough terrain. WHAT ARE THE QUALITIES YOU NEED IN THIS BOOT OR SHOE? Ask […]

7 Tips to Keep Your Feet Dry (In Rain or Snow)

Do you want to go for a hike, or even a trip to the grocery, but are sick of your feet getting soaked? It’s never fun running around in wet socks or shoes, so I thought I’d list out my favorite ways to stay dry no matter the weather! Keep reading to find out multiple […]

How To Waterproof Hiking Boots—Instructions, Tips and Advice

Even the highest quality waterproof shoes and boots eventually lose their original waterproof finish. You’ll know when water no longer bead’s up on your boot’s surface. Fortunately, the process to bring your hiking boots back to water-resistant life is quite simple. Besides the obvious advantages of keeping your feet dry in wet weather and on […]