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Getting out into the great outdoors and going for a hike can be an incredible experience. There’s the fresh air, the endorphins from exercise, and all those fantastic views providing the perfect Instagram backdrop. But, finding the ideal outfit to wear hiking can be a challenge. After all, striking the right balance between fashion and […]


A walk in the woods is an excellent way to retreat and regroup from the hectic pace of everyday life. And for those Type A personalities among us, a demanding hike up and down a mountain is even better. Regardless of how you approach it, your hike will end up being much more enjoyable — […]

How do I know what material my shoes are?

Shoe material symbols explained Typically found on the tongue or sole of the shoe, shoe material symbols may be something you’ve previously ignored. However, they’ll help you understand how to clean your shoes and where they’re suitable to be worn. As tempting as it is to just chuck your shoes in the washing machine, this will ruin […]


Having the right gear for outdoor climbs can help make your first experience a lot less scary. For many people, outdoor climbing is an incredible escape from the industrialized world, and we highly recommend that everyone tries it at least once. Even if you usually train in the climbing gym to improve your fitness, outdoor […]

Clothing and Gear Tips for Cold-Weather Hiking

To stay comfortable on a cold-weather hike, it’s critical to wear the right clothing and carry the right gear. Wear layers: Layering is a three-part system that includes a base layer that wicks perspiration away from your skin, a mid layer that insulates you from the cold and a shell layer that keeps wind and moisture out. The goal with […]

How to protect leather shoes???

Many of us express our personality through our shoes. Whether you’re at school, work or on a night out – your shoes reflect who you are. This is why it’s important to look after your footwear, especially if you own a pair of leather shoes or boots. Here are our top tips on how to maintain leather shoes. […]

10 Essentials of Hiking

What are the 10 Essentials of Hiking, you ask. The 10 essentials of hiking are the items you should bring with you on every single hike. They are a collection of items that can help you in the event of an emergency, sudden weather changes, or unexpected delays such as getting lost or turned around. 1. […]

10 Hiking tips you can learn from the army

The army has been a wise teacher and these are just some army Hiking Tips / Hacks you can learn. Army hiking tips [1-day hike]. Warmth. Clothing drill. Be prepared. Hiking Gear & Equipment check. Small mistakes. Prep the food. Phone & Important Documents. Keep time in mind. Sun protection. Rain comes sudden. Cover your head […]

Hazards And Risks Of Hiking In The Mountains

Before venturing on any hike, it is necessary not to neglect the risks of hiking in the mountains. You will be out in the wild, exposed to all mighty mother nature and wildlife. Here are a few reminders: Thunder Storms Be aware of weather conditions! Especially in summer, most of the thunderstorms catch hikers off guard. However, […]

Tips for your post-hike recovery

If your legs are tired, you know you’ve had a good day on the trail. But if you’re experiencing sore glutes, tight hammies or muscle fatigue for days on end, it’s time to consider a post-hike recovery routine. Cool down before you sit down While most of us know it’s good to warm up before […]