Hiking – Why Do I Hike?

As an avid hiker, I am sure you have been asked these questions quite a few times:
“What is so fun about hiking?” or “Why do you put yourself through so much pain while hiking?” or “Why do you hike?”

It’s hard to give a reason but this post is dedicated to those hikers out there who are always actively be in the forest. The next time someone asks you about the reasons you are hiking, just send them this post. 

1. I know I have to challenge my own limit

Hiking is not easy. We all know that. You walk for hours and hours while carrying a 7kg or a 10kg backpack on your bag. Are we crazy for doing that? No! In fact, we signed up for it! We know very well what we are going to go through. The back pain or the sore leg muscle the next day is what we call weakness leaving our body. We know that it will push us to our limit physically and that is our intention, to test how durable we are in life.

Embrace Discomfort. Your Long-Term Personal Growth Depends on it
Unless you challenge your own limits, you will never improve.

2. I want to train my mind

As much as hiking is a physical sport, it is also a mental sport. We know our destination is 8 hours away by foot and most people would grunt and give up, but not us. Our mind tells us that we can do it. Our mind tells us that the only way to reach there is to hike that 8 hours and suck it up. Our mind doesn’t stop us. It pushes us and over the course of many times, it becomes stronger and stronger. In fact, it even helps us in real life. Something goes wrong, no problem, we are strong enough to solve it. It’s all in the mind.

When you only choice it to keep going, your mind tells you to keep going. And your body follows.

3. I want to see a different side of the world

Humans are not built to hide in cubicles or offices. Every now and then, we should and must get in touch with nature. Being there itself bring a euphoric feeling that you will not get sitting in your office cubicle. The journey to the top could be hard and tough but the beauty of nature takes away your tiredness easily.

sunset, dusk, girl, looking, lookout, people, silhouette, shadow ...
Looks out of this world to you? Well, try getting out of that cubicle and you will be amazed at what awaits you.

4. I want to make new, real friends

In the forest, everyone is a friend. When someone gets injured, you are there to help him or her, regardless of their beliefs or religion. In the forest, it’s just human and nature. In the forest, you are disconnected with your electronic device and that gives you a chance to talk to a real human. Believe it or not, friends that you make in the forest lasts for a very very long time.

Best Friends Forever? 7 Essential Qualities of A Good Friend
Different background, different personality, different races but all with one same goal, to be at the top.

5. I want to learn how to appreciate the small things in life

During our daily lives, everything is within reach. When we need food, we will just go by the restaurant. When we need water, we just buy it from the convenience store. But being in the forest, we learn to appreciate the small things in life. You want water? Climb down to the river and get it? Warm food? I bet you have never tasted instant noodle which is so good. Those are the little things in life that you do not get to appreciate when you have everything around you. Only when those things are taken away from you that you learn the true meaning of appreciation.

Meal Planning for Backpacking | REI Co-op
Believe it or not, this is one of the best 5-star cuisine you can have in the forest while hiking

6. I want to feel the feeling of being on TOP

Being at the peak. The wind. The view. The sea of cloud. The silence. All your tiredness goes away. All you want to do is just scream at the top of your lungs. It’s easily one of the best feeling in the world. And that, is why we hike.

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The best feeling in the world it to know that you have made it

Agree or disagree? Let us know at the comment section below!

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