How To Wear Hiking Boots

Hiking boots can go with all sorts of outfits; from dresses and tights to jeans or shorts. They are usually fairly neutral colours, so they can easily go with your favourite pair of jeans. Put a pair of skinny jeans on with your hiking boots and make them look a bit more glam. Or add some comfy leggings with a jumper or shirt of your choice and look comfy but stylish.

Add colour to your outfit with some bright socks, or add some thick tights and a bright skirt. There are so many ways to style this sturdy footwear, but essentially comfort is key when you’re travelling some distance on foot.

Caring For Walking Shoes & Boots

How to care for hiking boots

To clean your hiking boots, you need to get all the dirt out of the fabric. You can do this by using a brush, something like a toothbrush will do. You don’t want anything tougher than that because it will affect the fabric of your boot.

If the brush alone isn’t enough to remove the dirt, try adding some water and specialised shoe or boot cleaner, if you don’t have any of this, try using saddle soap or a very mild washing up liquid. Avoid using any type of bar soap or other detergents.  Take the laces out and clean around the holes for the laces, these can keep dirt trapped.  We suggest cleaning your boots after every hike to keep them fresh and new.

To make your walking or hiking boots waterproof, you can easily find fabric and leather proofing spray. This is usually a spray that you apply to your shoes, let it dry and if will stop your boots from soaking up the water.

Walking shoes are worn out when the sole is no longer protecting your feet from the harsh ground, or they are not supporting your ankle as much as they should be.  You should replace walking shoes when they no longer do the job of protecting your feet and ankles or they no longer feel comfortable. This time changes for every person, it depends on how often you use them, how long you use them for at a time, what kind of hikes you go on and the brand of your shoes.

If you look after your hiking boots, keep them in good condition and clean them after every hike, they can last you a long while. If you like to enjoy the great outdoors, investing in some good and supportive footwear is certainly worthwhile.


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