Street Style: Hiking Boots Trend | Winter 2020

Hiking boots have come to be the fashion item in this season’s street style. If you look closely in stores, you can find perfect ones that are pretty, comfortable, waterproof and fit for long walks. They are versatile and great for running errands and meeting up with your friends after work for an evening drink. Probabaly the best part about hiking shoes is they keep you warm in cold weather conditions, if you are in the city or on a hike with a group of friends.

Comfortable hiking boots

Hiking boots are meant for tough terrain and therefore is crucial you can walk comfortably while hiking through tree roots, rocks and stones and mud. Street style hiking boots may not be made for such terrain but it would still be good to have shoes you can feel comfortable in and sole-pain-free.

Cozy warm boots

Since it is colder weather, why not have wool padding inside the boots instead of three pairs of socks. I would often wear wellington boots when it would rain and those are not warm on the inside so I had to deal with warm socks instead. I prefer warm boots.

Waterproof hiking boots

Nothing is worse than having to see your best new shoes getting ruined by rain and your socks wet. Preferably in the morning before you get to work- been there and it is not fun. Make sure that beside having comfortable and warm boots, they are also waterproof.

The look

Since hiking boots have come out in street style fashion, there is such a fine selection to choose from. But the options are many so more important than looks are the features above. You can find pretty boots everywhere now and I am sure there is something for everyone’s taste. And if you prefer other types of boots, check Hiking Boots selection of HikingProStore.

Do you own a pair of hiking boots, for street style or actual hiking? Which ones do you like?

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