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Hiking Tips & Skills

Venturing out on foot in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to experience the world. Walking and hiking through even the most familiar region immerses you in the culture and natural beauty of a destination, connecting you to your surroundings in a truly unique and extraordinary way. An accessible activity with minimal gear requirements, […]


In the previous two installments of our “Hiking Essentials” series, we discussed what to bring with you on a day hike, along with tips for staying safe on the trail. In this third installment, we’re going to talk about what to wear on a hike. Below, I discuss what to wear when hiking, along with some tips based on […]

Wildlife Safety Tips

Viewing wildlife is one reason many people head outside. Seeing a large bird soaring overhead or a herd of bison grazing in a distant meadow can turn a simple outing into an adventure you’ll never forget. But, up-close encounters, while certainly memorable, can be bothersome (think small mouse stealing food from your pack) or even […]

Avoid These 10 Beginner Hiker Blunders for a Better First Day Out

Careless hikers are more likely to tumble off a cliff, poke a diamondback rattler, and otherwise get themselves in trouble’s way. And frankly, our nation needs more outdoorsy people, not less. So Backpacker asked me, the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Backpacking and Hiking, to answer all of your camping, hiking, cooking, training, you-name-it […]

15 Common Mistakes Made by First Time Backpackers

There is not a person alive that has been into the backcountry and not made one of these mistakes. It doesn’t matter how many times we shoulder that pack and go wild, there is always something we could have done better. There is always something we wished we had and did not have, or something that we […]

Three-Season Gear Checklist

Clothing Outerwear waterproof/breathable jacket waterproof/breathable pants fleece/synthetic jacket or wool sweater waterproof gaiters (optional) synthetic hiking pants synthetic shorts Base Layer midweight long john top midweight long john bottoms long sleeve T-shirt synthetic T-shirt synthetic briefs synthetic sports bra Accessories wool or fleece hat midweight wool or fleece gloves Footwear camp footwear (optional) waterproof hiking […]

How to Care for Your Backpacking Gear

Don’t poison your gear. In the field: Be careful with DEET-based bug repellent, which melts plastics, including membranes, and can damage synthetics and other fabrics. At home: Avoid fabric softener. It coats fibers with waxy chemicals, which clog membranes and damage moisture-wicking properties. Treat yourself. Your shell’s DWR (durable water repellent) treatment will deteriorate over time. […]


Hiking is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend free time. A little bit of exercise coupled with the great outdoors is a winning recipe. With so many options for hiking equipment, it can be difficult to know where to begin. To help simplify the process and get you out on the trail sooner, […]


When planning to hike for an extended period of time you should know of the value of lightening the weight you will be carrying. Lightening up your backpack load can be quite a daunting task, especially when you want to carry everything you need for that long hike. A lighter backpack can help you hike […]