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Why Do People Like Hiking? 7 Exciting Reasons Why!

Do you enjoy hiking or are curious about why so many people like hiking? Over the years I’ve had friends who don’t see the point of hiking and had no interest in trying it out. Well, I haven’t given up on them yet so I’d like to share my top reasons that you should hike. Why […]

Hiking Sticks—Benefits, Sizing and Proper Techniques

Gone are the days when people believed hiking sticks were only reserved for older folks. The benefits of hiking poles—for hikers and walkers of all ages—is now well known! Here’s what you need to know about these handy hiking tools. THE BENEFITS OF USING TREKKING POLES Hiking sticks can increase balance and stability. Once the […]

Hiking Poles

The Benefits International research* over the last ten years has confirmed that the health and fitness benefits of hiking are substantially increased by the skilled use of trekking or hiking poles. *Verified by more than 400 studies from universities, institutes of sport and various medical/health research establishments in Europe and the USA. Informed health professionals and government […]

Use hiking poles

Use hiking poles, even on shorter hikes. None of the most experienced and hard-core hikers and backpackers I know ever hike without poles, period. Trekking poles significantly reduce the impact and cumulative fatigue on leg muscles and joints and your lower back, whether going up or down, especially when you’re carrying a load on your […]