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How to Prevent Chafing While Hiking

Take clothing with seams, add body parts, a shoulder harness and hipbelt attached to a heavy pack, heat, humidity, and what do you have? The ideal recipe for chafing. This irritating red rash caused from rubbing can turn a pleasant hike into a miserable one. Chafing is simply damage to the skin caused by excessive […]

Planning for a solo hike

Now onto more practical things. When it comes to planning your solo hike, you should be thorough when it comes to picking a trail and understanding what it entails and the conditions you’ll encounter. This will then inform much of your other preparation.  Pick an easier or popular trail If you’ve never hiked alone before, […]

5 Trail Etiquette Rules

With recreational trails springing-up all over communities, many people are taking an initiative to get active. This has also created more interest in the hiking and backpacking community as more people are getting outdoors. Every so often it’s a good idea to put out a reminder of these trail etiquette rules so newbies can learn to […]

How to Get Back on the Right Path When Lost

Even the most experienced hikers have likely dealt with getting lost a time or two. Perhaps the hiking trails were poorly marked or you had to make an unexpected detour. Whatever the reason, follow these simple safety tips for being lost, and you’re more likely to safely find your way back to the right path. […]

How to Cross a Raging River Safely in the Backcountry

“OK, if you insist,” the ranger at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks’ backcountry office said skeptically as he handed over our permit. “Just remember: The trail crosses several creeks, and they’re going to be running higher than normal because of the rain.” He meant this as a warning, but when all that stands between you and […]

The 6 Best Leg Workouts to Get in Hiking Shape

Strong legs make for a strong hiker and, let’s face it, a more fun time: It’s easier to focus on the scenery, the wildlife, and your hiking partners when you can think about anything other than how badly your legs are screaming. These six lower-body-focused workouts will help you go further, faster, and pain-free. Mix […]

How to Get in Shape and Train for Hiking

Hiking isn’t just walking in the woods. It requires strength and balance. Here’s how to get ready for trekking, from easy day hikes to the longest thru-hikes in the world. There is no official hiking season. Some places are mild and hike-friendly year-round, but in many parts of the northern hemisphere, the weather and trail […]

10 Invaluable Hiking Tips and Advice

Hiking Solo or Hiking in a Group? At Hikingprostore, we know that everyone has a personal preference for how they want to hike. Many enjoy the camaraderie of groups, while many others relish the solitude that comes with hiking on your own. Both have their benefits, and it’s really up to you how you’d like to […]