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Is Night Hiking Legal? Read This First!

If you’ve ever been out camping or hiking on a mountain at night you know how unique and special of a feeling it is. A friend of mine was interested in planning a hike after dusk and was wondering if there are any legal ramifications against it. Is night hiking legal? For most states and locations, […]

How To Keep Drinks Cold In A Backpack – 5 Helpful Tips

There’s no better feeling than having a nice refreshing drink after completing a nice adventurous hike. Since hiking is a pretty lightweight activity, there’s a common problem of figuring out how to keep drinks cold without a fridge or cooler. After hiking for a couple of hours, when you take that first break it’s the perfect time to sit […]

How to Care for Your Backpacking Gear

Don’t poison your gear. In the field: Be careful with DEET-based bug repellent, which melts plastics, including membranes, and can damage synthetics and other fabrics. At home: Avoid fabric softener. It coats fibers with waxy chemicals, which clog membranes and damage moisture-wicking properties. Treat yourself. Your shell’s DWR (durable water repellent) treatment will deteriorate over time. […]

Going on Your First Backpacking Trip? Don’t Make These 5 Common Mistakes.

If backpackers have one thing in common, it’s this: We were all beginners at one point. Whether it was a month or a half-century ago, all of us took those first tentative steps onto the trail, blissfully unaware of what we didn’t yet know. And a lot of us learned it the hard way, whether […]

Is It Legal to Hike Naked?

Naked hiking isn’t for everyone. But hitting the trail in the nude provides a handful of brave hikers the opportunity to connect to the outdoors in a unique way. Head out on the Pacfic Crest Trail (PCT) or the Appalachian Trail (AT) on or around Naked Hiking Day (this year’s celebration happened on the solstice, June 21) […]

5 Reasons You Need to Adventure With Your Baby

When I was pregnant and living on a sailboat in the South Pacific, my friends back home told me to “get my kicks in” before our first baby arrived. It made me nervous. The thought of waiting a decade (or more) to adventure over high peaks, open ocean, and fast rivers made me more nauseous than morning sickness. […]

How To Stretch Your Sleeping Bag’s Temperature Rating

What steps can I take to make a 28°F sleeping bag stretch into colder temps than it is designed for? Looking like low 20s is a possibility! —Josh, San Diego, CA Without good sleep, it’s impossible have a good hike—and without staying warm enough, it’s impossible to get good sleep. Unfortunately, building up a quiver […]

What Hiking in One of the World’s Harshest Deserts Taught Me About Surviving Heat

It was the heart of summer in the Namibian desert. There had been no rain on Brandberg Mountain for more than two years, so we each carried three gallons—24 pounds—of water. This sloshing liquid, combined with a week’s worth of food and camping supplies, made our packs crushingly heavy. And still, this was only enough water for two […]

Deadly hiking: All the things not to do

There’s plenty of information on how to have a safe and enjoyable hike. Phoenix has an in-depth “Take a Hike. Do It Right.” list of guidelines, a great resource for safe hiking. There’s also much to learn from hiking don’ts. These mistakes can cause serious harm, potentially even death. It’s good to know the biggest mistakes a hiker can make […]