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Safety Tips for Hiking with Kids

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor adventure. But before you and your kids hit the trails, make sure you know (and follow!) these hiking safety tips.  Before you go, let someone know your plans.Whether you’re planning a 10-mile hike in a remote forest or a 2-mile jaunt around the local park, let someone know […]

How to Make Hiking Fun with Kids

Whether it’s a stroll through a city park or exploring a new hiking trail, here are tips to make your next hike with kids more fun. Going on a family hike is a great way to encourage kids to be active and connect with nature. But sometimes the reality isn’t Instagram-ready. Parents and caregivers, we’ve […]

Top 10 Tips for Hiking with Kids

Have you ever been out in the woods, enjoying a lovely family hike when all of a sudden someone stops and refuses to walk one more step?  If you’ve done much hiking with kids, chances are you’ve experienced the stone footed child!  But really, can you blame those little people for their complaints?  Hiking can […]