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When your waterproof jacket was new, you might have noticed the way water beaded up on its fabric. A quick shake was all you needed to get rid of that moisture. But after a season of adventures, your shell might need a little TLC. Maybe it’s starting to look a bit soggy – a phenomenon […]

What to wear in the snow

If you’re planning a visit to the snow, it’s important to stay warm, dry and comfortable. For optimum protection, you’ll need a clever layering system, reliable footwear, and a few choice accessories depending on your needs. Get these basics right, and you’ve got the fundamentals for a whole bunch of winter activities. But if need […]

How to Choose Hiking Trousers

While many new hikers are all set with their waterproof jackets and walking boots, it’s important that you make a smart choice on trousers too. Walking trousers should be durable, flexible, lightweight and designed to face the rigours of a long day of hiking. Shop all Waterproof Walking Trousers >>> Properties When shopping for hiking trousers, you want to look out for several […]