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What Pants Should I Wear for Winter Hiking?

While you’re considering what pants you should wear for winter hiking, you need to remember the three things that all of your winter hiking gear should offer. Those three things are keeping you warm, dry, and on-the-go. While it might seem easy to assess what you should use for base layers and waterproof shells, figuring out […]

Maine Winter Hiking: 7 Trails & Hikes To Explore

If you’re ready for a new adventure, consider heading out to try the best winter hikes in Maine. Winter hiking is very different, but I promise the different scenery and less populated trails make it well worth it! Camden Hills State Park Camden Hills State Park is one of the best and largest networks of hikes in […]

How to Choose Sleeping Bags for Backpacking

Backpackers can be forgiven if they’re a little obsessive about the warmth-to-weight ratio of a sleeping bag. You can’t sleep well if you’re cold, and even an ultra-efficient ultralight bag will still be one of the heavier, bulkier items in your pack. So, time spent evaluating your backcountry sleep system is time well spent. When […]

Tips for Buying Winter and Snow Boots

In this guide: Golden rules for buying winter boots What to look for in winter boots Winter boot buying guide Buying winter boots for toddlers Buying winter and snow boots is a crucial shopping task when the weather starts to turn. But because winter boots come in all shapes, colours and sizes, you might find the […]

Which Boots Should I Choose For Women?

When choosing the best boots for you it’s important to consider your body type, how you want to wear them, and what you need them for. For example, you probably shouldn’t choose a high-heeled ankle boot for day-to-day winter wear or biker boots if you’re after boots to wear around the office. How to Choose […]

Food and Hydration Tips for Cold-Weather Hiking

Your body’s metabolism is its best heat source, so you need to keep it fueled up with food and water. Remember to eat and drink: When it’s cold outside, you might be less inclined to stop for food and water. Make it simple by keeping snacks and water within reach so you can eat and sip […]

Going On A Winter Hike Can Strengthen Your Relationships

Hiking during the winter is a great way to get vitamin D (sunlight is the most important source of vitamin D), which we often don’t get enough of during the cold months. Among other benefits, vitamin D regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, and facilitates the function of our immune system. It also helps develop our bones […]

Top Tips for Hiking in the Snow

Many hikers prefer to venture out in the milder months but there is something to be said for accepting the challenge of year round hiking. The winter months shouldn’t be out of bounds – so long as you prepare yourself and your gear correctly. Winter hiking requires more preparation, especially if you intend to hike […]


Know the Forecast and Trail Conditions Before I leave, I pick a destination based on the weather forecast and conditions.  Checking the weather is kind of a no-brainer and is something I do all year long, but in the winter I also try to get an idea of trail conditions since harsh weather can do […]