Top 10 Vietnam Hiking Trails to Be Suggested for Most Wonderful Holidays

1. Sapa

Among destinations for best trekking in Vietnam, Sapa is undoubtedly the ideal one. In here, you can find a huge network of trails with the same features. You can group different trails together to build up a perfect combination which is suitable for your hiking level. Moreover, exotic mountain scenery in Sapa, including picturesque terraced rice paddies and tranquil mountain villages is worth.

2. Nature Reserve of Pu Luong

If you want to hike in quiet rural scenery,  Pu Luong Nature Reserve is a good choice.  This site contains two parallel mountain ranges and the valley in between. In this way, it will offer tourists a beautiful view of rice terraces, limestone hills, and biodiverse forests. Good news is this reserve is a most appealing destination for an overnight hiking tour.

3. Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong National Park, founded in 1962, is the oldest and hugest national park in Vietnam, not mention most vital conservation region in the country. This park is popularly known as for extraordinary biodiversity of primeval forests and karst mountains, which is hopeful to make Vietnam hiking trails great. All levels of hiking can be served with a wide variety of trails Many tours end up to the ridge of the karst mountains, in which hikers can catch amazing views down of the valleys. Self-guided or with a local guide is up to you.

4. Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park or Ba Be Lakes was established in the year of 1992. Th park is located in the center of the largest natural lake in Vietnam with beautiful scenery like deep valleys, dense rainforests, waterfalls and soaring limestone mountains. A lot of hiking trails can be found in this destination. You are advisable to spend several days on exploring best things in this amazing region.

5. Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba, an island near Ha Long Bay contains most epic (long) day jungle trekking Vietnam with a total length of 18 kilometers. The tour can take tourists about 6 hours to accomplish. After a climb with many hardships, you will be served with beautiful wildlife such as macaques, civets, and deer.

6. Ba Na Hill

The Resort of Ba Na Hill displays easier yet scenic hiking trails. This park somehow looks like a theme park in which you will sense a French colonial town and a funicular railway. After a hard endurance, the reward is an overlook of waterfalls.

7. Mai Châu

Mai Chau lies in the northwest of Vietnam, around 130 kilometers away from the busy Hanoi, offers peace and quiet. Though there are not many things to offer, Mai Chau in Vietnam will make hiking trails most memorable with the surrounding landscape of rice fields and tiny villages. You can find a lot of excellent facilities and a dense network of hiking trails.

8. Lang Bian Mountain

Lang Bian Mountain, one of the tallest mountains in Dalat, is a beautiful hiking destination in Vietnam. There are a lot of different activities for adventurous tourists. Apart from hiking, you can join climbing rocks or camping. Another thing that is appealing is a thriving local culture.

9. Cao Bang

Cao Bang, a northern province, is known as one of the greatest destinations for adventure Vietnam and it is featured by the mountainous scenery. Karst mountains, deep gorges, rice terraces, glorious waterfalls and meandering rivers make pretty fantastic views in this area. Best hiking trail in Cao Bang is the one to the Ban Gioc waterfall, lying on the border with China. As a difficult hike, it will serve tourists with incredibly scenic views!

10. Cat Tien National Park

If interested in watching wildlife and hiking, Cat Tien National Park – lying in the south of Vietnam – is a good destination. In here, you can see protected ancient trees, an impressive number of wild animals, gibbons. Around 79 reptile species and 400 brightly colored species of butterfly will also make Vietnam hiking trails more exciting.

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